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Friday, August 1, 2008

Solar Eclipse.... its annoying in INDIA

Its fascinating to see the moon block the sun entirely. Well you are not supposed to see it though, but there are ways to watch without watching it with the naked eyes. All this is exciting, except for the fact that people are not supposed to go out of their houses during the eclipse period, they are not supposed to eat stuff and not even drink anything. I still haven't figured out the reason for the last two. The first one might be because of the risk of getting your eyes damaged accidentally, but starving....!!!!
Well if anyone has any answers to this I would love to hear them since my mum also doesn't have the answers.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

AVAX is DEAD :-( The very same avaxsphere we loved

I don't know how many of you guys used to logon to to download e-books and softwares but there is a bad news for all, avax is dead, the website is no longer operational and no one knows the reason as to why. It was one of the best online portals to download stuff which you couldn't find online elsewhere easily. And for those of you who had never experienced avax, well you missed one of the best ones.
avax sphere rocked!!!!

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The GRE and GMAT Prep

Hey guys,
I heard a lot of you are preparing for the GRE or the GMAT to pursue higher studies in the U.S or else where. Well just to help you out a bit, I am providing you with the links of some of the best e-books for your studies. Check out the links below:

GRE Frequently used words (VOCAB)

Software to practice antonyms

GRE Quant practice


The ultimate GMAT Prep

Learning GMAT in 5 Steps (e-Book)

Back Online!!

Hey all!!
I wasn't able to update this blog for a long time due to some reason, but I am glad to tell you that "I am BaCk". Keep visiting this blog for more amazing stuff, excellent links to free software downloads
and cool tweaks and tricks about windows as usual.

P.S Again the same thing, anyone want any software in particular, you are welcome to leave a comment on this post with your mail id and ill get back to you in 24hrs.