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Friday, February 29, 2008

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Super Windows Administrator Hacks

Say you are in a place with a computer (Some people I know will have a very shrewd idea about the place I am talking about :D) where you do not have the access some folders, drives or some options like RUN, SEARCH etc and also you don’t know the password to access the admin account to open these.

First of all there would have been a reason for the administrator to block such options, but you like me either have a very special purpose for accessing it, or want to do it just for fun. Well, guess what? I am going to teach you some neat hacking tricks here to do some really cool stuff.

P.S The tricks I am about to teach you are very hard to find, also on the other hand always remember the system administrator is definitely smarter than you (its not so in my case ;P)

In general cases the above mentioned restrictions are generally controlled by the WINDOWS REGISTRY. But if the administrator is a smart one he would use the main server to do it. If the second case is true then the below mentioned tricks might not work. I will teach you network hacking in later sessions.

The admin uses a tool called the POLICY EDITOR or PLOEDIT to alter the changes in the windows registry. This software does not install with windows, but one has to install it from the windows disc. This policy editor imposes restrictions by modifying the user.dat file.

So if you want to bypass or terminate such restrictions what do you do? Edit the policy editor what else. To do this first launch the registry editor.

Now go to the key:


Search and find a key names ‘explorer’ under the above key. Now under this ‘explorer’ key we can create new DWORD values and change its value to 1 for restricting it. Similarly if you want to remove a restriction simply change the value to 0 or delete the DWORD.

Here are some examples of some DWORD values that can be created for restrictions:

NoRun: Disables RUN command

NoFind: Disables FIND command

NoDrives: Hides all drives

(There are plenty of more commands to restrict various other stuff, for more commands you are welcome to leave a comment about what you want.)

So you see how simple it is. But there is one glitch here. What if the administrator blocks the REGISTRY EDITOR? Are you in a fix? Don’t worry, cause the solutions here.

Go to the windows directory, delete either the user.dat file or the system.dat file and reboot. When windows logs in, it will show a warning or error about windows registry. Overlook the message and press CTRL+ALT+DEL to get out (Do not press OK)

There is much more to this hack, but I am going to tell you this much right now. If you really wish to know more, you are welcome to comment about you suggestions.

P.S If you liked this article and want me to post more of such cool stuff, please encourage me with your comments.