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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Health is Wealth

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Swift DZire - The latest offering from Maruti Suzuki

Maruthi-Suzuki just launched the sedan version of the Swift calling it the Swift DZire which replaces the venerable Maruti Esteem. The car which features the same engine options as the hatchback Swift, 1.3 Petrol and Diesel options will cost around Rs 1 lakh more than comparable versions of the Swift.

Shinzo Nakanishi, Managing Director, Maruti Suzuki India Limited said that the company had decided to stay with the old G13 engine from the Esteem and the Swift because the newer M-series engine family as on the SX4 would have added significantly to the costs. India is the only country where the Swift is sold with the old G-series engine.

The higher end ZXi and ZDi versions of both cars feature several safety features such as Anti-Lock Brakes and Airbags. Mayank Prereek, Head of Marketing, MSIL believes that the car will give a fillip to the moribund Entry-A3 segment of the auto market.

Prices (in Rs lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi):

Petrol 1.3

LXi - 4.49

VXi - 4.97

ZXi - 5.90
Diesel 1.3

LDi - 5.39

VDi - 5.85

ZDi - 6.70

Land Rover - Jaguar welcome deal with Tata Motors

Finally the one deal which has been buzzing around in the automobile sector,the TATA-JAGUAR deal is almost through.Tata Motors have planned to purchase Jaguar & Landrover for 2.65 billion dollars.Thousands of employees of Land Rover and Jaguar in the UK today wholeheartedly welcomed the sale of the two British car marquees of American automobile giant ford to India's Tata Motors.

Roger Maddison, Unite National Officer for the automotive industry, said: "Today's deal is really good news for the UK automotive industry and the thousands of people who work for Land Rover, Jaguar and its supply chain.

"Unite has secured written guarantees for all five UK plants on staffing levels, employee terms and conditions, including pensions, and sourcing agreements. The sale ensures our members futures and we look forward to working with Tata."