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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Finally gets Gingerbread

Many have been waiting for this a very long time. I would say, your wait is over. Gingerbread is now available for the X10. This should possibly make the phone a bit faster and provide some additional new features.

Here is a link to how Gingerbread looks in X10: Click Me

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Facebook Account Settings

As you guys would have known, you can view people who have logged in to your facebook account along with their location (city, country). But what you should know is that this feature does not seem to always work. In other words, its not foolproof. Now, I am not a 100% sure why but in my experience, it did not work when I was already logged in from one place and asked the second person to login. It just showed the information pertaining to my login and not the second persons.
I do hope that facebook would find this bug and fix it soon as internet security has become a pain these days.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Indian media is worthless

Every single day I wake up early and stare at the news only to find more murders, rapes, accidents OR celebrity news. Do you think people really care to see what clothes Abhishek Bachan wore for his birthday or why Deepika turned down Rs. 4 crore, in the front page? Ofcourse, a subset, a very small subset does take immense interest in such gossips and that's precisely why supplementaries are printed. If not this, the editors showcase murders, criminals and other thugs who would have committed some crime in a remote village and are definitely not a threat to the metro society.
Hence, I keep asking this question to myself, why can't they focus on some real news, something that would actually benefit others on reading. If you do not understand what am trying to imply, do go and read 'The New York Times', 'Huffington Post' etc. These papers focus on the most important issues currently evident in the world. Even during the massive calamity in Japan, I saw trash articles of celebrities in the front page.
Also, do you think there are no crimes in other parts of the world? I would say Los Angeles, California has a higher crime rate than New Delhi but, the media does not focus on it unless it is really important or a threat. I personally feel that it is not required for a person to know about every petty crime and feel scared to step out of the house. I am not implying that total darkness is bliss, but really necessary issues should only be highlighted.
Most of you might disagree with my views but I would definitely recommend a reading to the above listed news papers before criticism.

Monday, October 18, 2010

My first animation project

Doing higher studies in computer science can sometimes be real fun and also at times be a real pain in the butt. Computer animation sounded like an interesting course to me and I decided to give it a shot. It was about coding in vc++ using openGL libraries. The good side of the course: Got to learn a lot of things, fun times :)
Bad side: The projects at times take a toll on you.

Our first project was to read a .skel file which contains the coordinates of a certain figure and to render that figure.
You can find the complete question here.

Well, to make things a little simple for some of you guys who might consider taking this course I have placed a sample code snippet below. (P.S: Do not try re-using the same code as it will not work ;) )

void Generate_Tree()
char *string213;
int length = 0;
char temp[500], temp1[500], temp2[500];
int j=0, counter =0, counter_temp = 0;
ifstream pointer;
if(pointer == NULL)
cout<<"File not there\n";
cout<<"Press any key to exit: ";

root->Left = NULL;
root->Right = NULL;
root->Center = NULL;
node = root;
pointer.getline(temp, MaxLine);
length = strlen(temp);
if(temp[length-2] == '{')
// cout<<"After entering the loop: "<
Tree_Node *child = new Tree_Node;
child->nodeNum = number+1;
child->pose[0] = 0;
child->pose[1] = 0;
child->pose[2] = 0;
if(node->Left == NULL)
// cout << "left created"<
node->Left = child;

else if(node->Center == NULL)
//cout << "center created"<
node->Center = child;

//cout << "right created"<
node->Right = child;
child->Left = NULL;
child->Right = NULL;
child->Center = NULL;
child->Prev = node;
node = child;

else if(temp[length-2] == '}')
// cout << "go back " <
node = node->Prev;
else if(temp[length-2] == ' ')

j = 0;
for(int r = 0;r
if(temp[r] != 9)
temp2[j] = temp[r];
temp2[j] = '\0';
string213 = strtok(temp2," ");
if(strcmp(temp1,"offset") == 0)
node->offset[0] = atof(strtok(NULL," "));
node->offset[1] = atof(strtok(NULL," "));
node->offset[2] = atof(strtok(NULL," "));
else if(strcmp(string213,"boxmin") == 0)
node->boxmin[0] = atof(strtok(NULL," "));
node->boxmin[1] = atof(strtok(NULL," "));
node->boxmin[2] = atof(strtok(NULL," "));
//cout<boxmin[0]<<" "<boxmin[1]<<" "<boxmin[2]<<"\n";
else if(strcmp(string213,"boxmax") == 0)
node->boxmax[0] = atof(strtok(NULL," "));
node->boxmax[1] = atof(strtok(NULL," "));
node->boxmax[2] = atof(strtok(NULL," "));
else if(strcmp(string213,"rotxlimit") == 0)
node->rotateX[0] = atof(strtok(NULL," "));
node->rotateX[1] = atof(strtok(NULL," "));
else if(strcmp(string213,"rotylimit") == 0)
node->rotateY[0] = atof(strtok(NULL," "));
node->rotateY[1] = atof(strtok(NULL," "));
else if(strcmp(string213,"rotzlimit") == 0)
node->rotateZ[0] = atof(strtok(NULL," "));
node->rotateZ[1] = atof(strtok(NULL," "));
else if(strcmp(string213,"pose") == 0)
node->pose[0] = atof(strtok(NULL," "));
node->pose[1] = atof(strtok(NULL," "));
node->pose[2] = atof(strtok(NULL," "));
}while(counter != 0);

void Read_Tree()
int tempNO=0;

int Copy_Flag = 0;
int Visited = 0;
/*root->Left->FlagL = 0;
root->Left->FlagC = 0;
root->Left->FlagR = 0;*/
node = root->Left;
//cout<<"Enter Read Tree"<<"\n";
Queue[front] = node;
//cout<offset[0]<<" "<offset[1]<<" "<offset[2]<
glMatrixMode( GL_MODELVIEW );
glTranslatef(node->offset[0], node->offset[1], node->offset[2]);
if(node->pose[0] <>rotateX[0])
node->pose[0] = node->rotateX[0];
if(node->pose[0] > node->rotateX[1])
node->pose[0] = node->rotateX[1];
if(node->pose[1] <>rotateY[0])
node->pose[1] = node->rotateY[0];
if(node->pose[1] > node->rotateY[1])
node->pose[1] = node->rotateY[1];
if(node->pose[2] <>rotateZ[0])
node->pose[2] = node->rotateZ[0];
if(node->pose[2] > node->rotateZ[1])
node->pose[2] = node->rotateZ[1];

//cout<pose[0]<<" "<pose[1]<<" "<pose[2]<

glRotatef(57.3 * node->pose[0], 1.0, 0.0, 0.0);
glRotatef(57.3 * node->pose[1], 0.0, 1.0, 0.0);
glRotatef(57.3 * node->pose[2], 0.0, 0.0, 1.0);
/*cout<<"Current Local";
for(int d = 0;d<=15;d++)
cout<local[d]<<" ";

if(node->Prev == root)
//cout<<"I am root \n";
glMatrixMode(GL_MODELVIEW );


//cout<<"I am NOT root \n";
getWorldMatrix(node->Prev->world, node->local, node->world);
/*cout<<"Current World";
for(int d = 1;d<=16;d++)
cout<world[d]<<" ";
if(node->Left != NULL)
//cout<<"IF condition1"<
tempNO = node->Left->nodeNum;
if(node->Center != NULL)
//cout<<"IF condition2"<
tempNO = node->Center->nodeNum;
if(node->Right != NULL)
//cout<<"IF condition3"<
tempNO = node->Right->nodeNum;
//cout<<"Front: "<<<">

}while(front != rear);

As you can see I was dumb enough not to use the generic creation of a tree which made my work hell. Anyways, good luck!!

Will be happy to answer queries.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Back from the grave!!

Hey guys

I know it has been a really long time and I apologize for being dead for the past couple of years. My life was one of the most happening this ever in these past few years. Now that I come to think of it, I regret that time flew and am never going to get those days back again but on the brighter side, there still are a plethora of wonderful events that I would have to face in the future and am very eagerly looking forward for those.

This is just a lame post so just excuse it. I am planing to update this site with all sorts of assorted fun stuff I find. This would be one of those blogs where in you do not look for a particular topic, but the topic looks for you (:P)

Anyways, I would end this by quoting BATMAN:
"Am Back" :P :D

Saturday, September 20, 2008

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Avax Sphere is now Avaxhome

I had earlier written about the death of one avaxsphere, but I am now gald to say that I was mistaken. They, for some reason, have simply changed the URL to their brilliant web portal to avaxhome. Check it out!! Its the very same avax that we all thought was gone.
It also has come to my knowledge that they have updated their database and now have loads of more excellent softwares and e-books for us.
Cheers to avax!!!

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