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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Avax Sphere is now Avaxhome

I had earlier written about the death of one avaxsphere, but I am now gald to say that I was mistaken. They, for some reason, have simply changed the URL to their brilliant web portal to avaxhome. Check it out!! Its the very same avax that we all thought was gone.
It also has come to my knowledge that they have updated their database and now have loads of more excellent softwares and e-books for us.
Cheers to avax!!!

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Best torrents search engines

I know that in a lot of places torrents are illegal, these are for the rest of the world who live on torrents. Here are some of the websites where you can get yourself amazing torrents:

1. Mininova: Most of you might already be knowing about this one. Its very popular for Audio and Video search. But if you want to download any software or book you might not want to look here cause that collection is not great in here. This place is particularly good for subtitles for movies, cause before downloading a torrent of a movie it gives an option for downloading the subtitles for the same movie.

2. IsoHunt: Yet again a very very popular torrent search engine. Excellent for Movies, Songs and also softwares. Yes, here you will find a wide range of amazing stuff if you do the searching properly.

3. Piratebay: Again amazingly good. Has pretty much of everything. The only drawback here is the adult advertisements that go on, on the side. Some people are not comfortable with those.

4. Torrentz: Thsi place is like a google search engine for torrent sites. Don't get me? Its like this, if you don't know where to find your download torrent, go to this place and it will point out all the torrent websites which have the download you are looking for. Pretty neat stuff it does.

5. Axxo: He has earned name and fame over the world for his excellent rips of movies. I too agree with the world about his print qualities, thankyou for everything dude!! And if you don't know about this one, please do check it out. He gives the most amazing, brillent quality movies. One thing ill tell about him is that, you can always trust his prints.

6. btmon: Calls itself the worlds biggest torrent database. I do not completely disagree with it, but being frank, sometimes I don't get what I need in here.

7. Torrentvally: I don't have much to say about this cause I never use this one. Its not because its no good or anything, just that I find what I need generally in '1' or '2'.

There are some more like torrent reactor, torrent portal, bit dig etc. but I never got the chance to try them out.