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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Increase Your MMC (MultiMediaCard) Space

Your files in MMC are stored in multiple (disk) blocks.So if you format using 16K block, the space used will be 16K eventhough your file is just 1K.If you buy MMC, it is usually preformatted with 16K block. Therefore alot of space is wasted as most installed program files are usually less than 2K.You will need a card reader to do this:-
1. Connect card reader and copy all your files in the MMC to computer disk. (Make sure you set the show all/hidden/os files to "on")

2. Do a format of the MMC using command line "format" and use the /A=size option.Alternative, you can use the Disk Management in Adminstrative Tools to format. Make sure you select FAT. For 256MB MMC, smallest block you can use is 4K, 128MB is 2K, 64Mb is 1K and 32MB is 512B.(Note: You cannot use the phone "format MMC" to do this as the format just clear the allocation table and does not change the block size)

3. Copy back all files to MMC.Now you will find that you will have more space.256mb MMC got back 30+ mbs

Use your USB device to LOCK your PC

Wanna know how to lock your computer just by removing the USB stick connected to it..??

This trick will boot lock your PC, which can't be started without the USB stick which contains the boot files. In short, you can use your USB stick as a key.

Caution: You will be playing with the boot files and the BIOS settings of your computer, I recommend you to do two things before attempting this trick.
1. Have a windows recovery disc.
2. Create a system restore point.

Here are the steps:

1. Unhide all the files which are hidden and protected by going into any folder->click tools->folder options->view->show all hidden files and also un-check the hide protected system files.

2. Go to the drive in which windows is installed. (Generally its c:\) Search for the files
then copy all these files onto your USB stick.

3. Now restart the computer, press 'del' or in come cases 'F8' to enter the BIOS setup. Now once in BIOS enable USB device as your first boot device. Save the changes and reboot the system.

4. Now if all is fine you will be able to log into windows. (If not, goto the BIOS again and change the first boot device to hard disc). Once you are into windows rename the boot.ini file to boot.bak

5. Remove the USB stick and restart the system. Your will get error messages saying invalid boot.ini or windows could not start.

6. Now try plugging in your USB disc and restart. Volla!!

P.S In case anyone has any difficulty or query please leave a comment with your mail id and i'll get back to you in a days time.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hack Mobile Phones!!

How to hack mobile or cell phone.Frnds here is a bluetooth hacking software ,using bluetooth hacking software u can hack any mobile or cell phones this software is the latest version Bluetooth Hack v 1.07.
Advantages of this software.
Once if ur connected to another phone via bluetooth:-
  • u can read messages
  • u can read contacts
  • u can change profile
  • u can also play ringtones even his/her phone is in silent
  • u can play his songs from mobile
  • u can restart mobile
  • u can switch off mobile
  • u can restore factory setings
  • u can also change ringing volume of mobile
  • the best part of it is u can call from his mobile which also includes all call functions like hold on etc etc...

This software is very much suitable for sony ericcsson mobiles.If u like it replies are always welcome.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Google can locate you even without GPS

Google maps for mobile now feature 'My Location' Technology ,which lets mobile phones users to know where they are on a map , even if they don't have a GPS - enabled phone .The version 2.0 of Goohle maps for mobile uses information broadcast from cell towers to help users determine where they are ,whats around them and how to get there.
The My Location technology is available on most smartphones,including all colour BlackBerry devices ,all Symbian series 60 3rd edition devices,most windows mobile devices,newer Sony Ericsson devices and some Motorola devices.It delivers a location estimate faster than GPS,provides coverage inside buildings(where GPS signals can be unreliable) and doesn't drain phone batteries as quickly as GPS